Elemental Tangents contains 25 carefully selected images of Mother Nature's amazing elements. Each image was chosen to portray the feeling and splendour of a specific element, a great deal of thought and consideration went into the selection process. Already I have been asked by a great many people for their favourite elemental image as a print. So I have decided to make them available as printed photographs as well as in the book format.

Each image will be printed to order only! Please contact me should you require a print to discuss choices available.
(Contains 5 photos)
Air Element portfolio Air
Surrounds us, enshrouds us.
Fuels us, feeds us, giver of life.
Feel it, breathe it, embrace it.
Drink deeply of the air around you.
Cherish every breath you take.
(Contains 5 photos)
Fire Element portfolio Fire
Burning softly in the night,
Bringing me warmth, glowing bright,
But wait, what demons lurk within?
Amongst flickering flames of fire and brim...
(Contains 5 photos)
Water Element portfolio Water
Quenches thirsts of body and soul.
Water is life, bubbles and laughter.
Being near it so often my goal.
To seek it, find it, source its master
For in its power I can live hereafter.
(Contains 5 photos)
Earth Element portfolio Earth
Tiny planet, small green and blue.
Where would we be without you?
You are our Mother, home and heart.
Without you there would be no start.
We must respect your fragile beat.
So you can stay beneath our feet.
(Contains 5 photos)
Spirit Element portfolio Spirit
Life energies and force unreckoning,
I can often hear you beckoning.
For me to come outside to play,
To chase the dragons and the fae.
For where would love and life lie,
If we had no spirit to help us fly.