Elemental Tangents Book/CD

A stunning collaboration of music and photography celebrating Mother Natures Elements.
Elemental Tangents Book/CD
Elemental Tangents Book/CD
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Elemental Tangents is a beautifully unique, full colour, 156mm square printed hardback, traditionally bound & stitched book. Featuring 25 stunning photographs taken by Tracey representing the Elements of Mother Earth. Litho printed on 200gsm satin fine art paper, these photographic Elements become entwined with Tangents of poetry and music included on enclosed CD, containing five powerfully haunting pieces of music written by the renowned Stephen Paine composer and producer of the band LEGEND. Individual, bespoke certainly one of a kind, a special gift, excellently placed within the genres of New Age, Chill Out, Ambient,Relaxation and leaning towards Progressive. Also ideally suited for Healing, Massage, Meditation, Mind, Body and Spirit working, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, to name but a few. These evocative melodies will have you reaching new levels as you relax and flow with the Elements… The music has a different Tangent for each element each lovingly composed with the images in mind, but also to take your imagination on a journey in whichever direction you need it to go. Approximately an hour in length a real opportunity to sit back and relax with Mother Nature's 'Elemental Tangents'.

Due to popular demand we now offer the option for your copy to be signed. If you wish to have it dedicated to anyone special or personalised for a special occasion please leave a message with your instructions on the order notes Ta Muchly :)

Please contact us for overseas postage details. Average price for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Africa etc seems to be around £7.80 on postage rates as of August 2016

Read more about how 'Elemental Tangents' came to pass below.

A word from Tracey:
Elemental Tangents arrived on the horizon like a bolt of lightning, a flash of inspiration arriving at great speed. One night I had an Epiphany, and after discussing it with Stephen in the early hours of the following morning (very early hours I might add, poor guy!) suddenly we were off and running. Within a week I had feverishly chosen my first images, working all hours! I was so wired I couldn't sleep and I think Stephen was eager to get going, for once he had a rough concept to work from he could begin composing and recording the musical score.

I have carefully pored over archives of images I have taken whilst out braving Mother Nature’s Elements in all conditions, trying to capture her magical landscape. I have selected those images I feel conjure up the feeling and emotion in the elements around us: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.

After putting them all together I handed them over to Stephen to work his magic in bringing them to life. Some were discarded due to technical issues, a couple I just suddenly had a change of heart on. The ones we have finally selected have met with great appreciation from the critiques we’ve had giving advice on a work of art and music in the making.

It has been a magical time for both of us, and a joy to work together on this project which has become almost immediately one extremely close to our hearts. A great deal of emotion and love has gone in to creating this beautiful book and music selection. Stephen and I truly hope you feel this as you read your own story in the images and lose yourself in the music.

An eye-catching cover image was really required, and one that covered as many of the elements as we could manage. This shot was taken on the beach in Newquay, Cornwall. July 2006, a summer’s night I will never forget, sitting on the earth, surrounded by air and listening to water as the tides washed over the sand, watching the fire dancers. A great deal of spirit surrounded us that evening; as old friends were reunited and new friends introduced it was very magical, and a fair few glasses of red wine were drunk.

A word from Stephen:
What started out as a possible ten minute YouTube promo piece for one of Tracey Swain’s pre-existing books suddenly evolved into a whole album back in October 2014. Tracey had always wanted to do a piece encompassing the elements and spirit, so Elemental Tangents was born.

From my point of view this came as a welcome diversion. I had written and recorded a new age album shortly before the formation of LEGEND back in 1988, but it had never seen the light of day, though the idea of doing something similar had resurfaced several times over the years, so when Tracey suggested Elemental Tangents it just seemed the time was right.

I’ve always found visual images very inspiring and so the opportunity of writing some pieces to Tracey’s breathtaking landscapes was too good to pass up as both a composing exercise and as a project overall. Also the freedom of working completely outside the framework of a Progressive/Symphonic Metal Band was a breath of fresh air.

The resulting music however is not what I expected at the outset. It has been an exciting journey. What started out with a purely New Age feel has taken on a will of its own, as the best projects seem to do, and thus it has evolved to incorporate elements from Chill Out and Trance, Progressive Electronica and New Age, even tipping its hat towards Psychedelic Rock in a minor way.

I also used this project as an experiment into tunings, particularly overall tuning the album to A 432hz as opposed to the internationally accepted A=440hz. It is said that the 432 tuning is more natural and indeed it relates to the Fibonacci sequence. The apparent effect of this tuning is to make the music resonate more in tune with the natural frequencies of the listener. As this so intrigued me I decided to incorporate this is a core idea in the creation of Elemental Tangents – now only time will tell if it resonates with folks!

Let yourself drift, relax and totally immerse yourself in the meandering musings of 'Elemental Tangents'

Blessed Be
Tracey and Stephen